The Story Behind

One was the rainbow.

Spreading colors and laughter everywhere she stood.

The other was the sky. A calm force. White.

Both of them carried their own baggage but united, they created strength.

Enough strength to decide that they could both provide what they knew best: light.

They created ‘phos’.

They colored white with sparkles and love.

They gave it color. They gave soul and a different feeling to every item.

This is ‘phos’.

‘Phos’ is something you create on your own.

Every item from our collection carries love, effort, gratitude, an aim to help and heal.

Our goal is to create the right circumstances for you, in order to see your own light.

We carefully selected the best quality materials, so the aesthetic of your kitchen can reach a whole other level.

‘Phos’ is your warm cup of coffee in the morning that you made with such joy.

‘Phos’ are the colors from the different ingredients on your plate, that you decorated with enchantment.

‘Phos’ is the love you give to yourself.

Your ‘phos’, is you.

It’s just the right time to embrace that.