The Founders

Born and raised in Munich, Law Graduate with an MSc in Medical Law.

She has been living in Thessaloniki for the past few years and has created her own personal Marketing Brand, creating Social Media content.

Main aspect of all her content is her own battle with Anorexia Nervosa and her aim to help others cope with eating disorders and mental illnesses.

She has also created her own website where she shares healthy recipes and blog posts for her own healing journey and gradual return to the happy side of life!

Her goal is that through “phos” she can help even more people.

She studied Journalism and Media and currently is in her second Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

While studying Media, she created her Social Media platforms in an attempt to discover and share a more healthy, balanced way of living.

Her content revolves around healthy recipes, empowerment and nutritional education. Her audience’s interest in this subject, led her to desire a more in depth connection with them.

So last year she decided to start studying Nutrition professionally.

Her love for cooking and self care guided her to ‘’phos’’. And now, next to Katerina, she tries to resemble it every day.

In small and big moments.